Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities ㏌ Atsugi



Scholarship will be offered for the 9th Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities in Atsugi by the virtue of financial support for scholars and practitioners who are engaged in the Asia region safe communities promotion to encourage participation of the event, to share the concept of challenges faced by different regions and solution strategies for improving safety and security in Asia region.

Scholarship types

Refer below for scholarship type, item(s) included and quota

Type Item(s) included Quota
Type A Partial airfare reimbursement *1
Provision of accommodation *2
Waive of registration fee *3
Type B Provision of accommodation *2
Waive of registration fee *3
Type C Waive of registration fee *3

*1 A fixed amount of 50,000JPY will be provided for airfare reimbursement
50,000JPY will be handed in cash after checking in at the conference.
*2 Accommodation will be provided for 4 nights starting from November 11th 2018.
*3 The following are not included in the registration fee.
・Official dinner, lunch, and travelling seminar

Eligibility for scholarship

Requirements for being eligible for scholarship are as follows.
・Living in Asia
・Giving a speech
*Poster session is allowed for applications for Type C
・Able to participate in the conference for all of the days (excluding travelling seminar) and offer help in the management of the event

Application of scholarship

To apply it, it is necessary to register a scholarship application and submit an abstract by online registration system. Applicants for scholarship do not have to pay their registration fees.

Application period

0:00AM February 15th (Thu.)~5:00PM May 15th (Sat.) (Japan time)

Content of abstract


2)Format and word limit

Format Word limitation
Title 20words
Keyword 5words
Contact information
-E-mail address
-Main author
-Telephone number etc.

・Charts and images cannot be included