Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities ㏌ Atsugi


Registration period

February 15th (Thurs) 2018 - November 11th (Sun)
[Early bird registration] February 15th (Thurs) - July 31th (Fri) 2018

Conference fees

  Regular registration Early bird registration
Registered before July 31th
On-site registration
Registered after October 21st
Full delegate fee 45,000JPY 35,000JPY 50,000JPY
 Accompanying person fee 15,000JPY 15,000JPY 15,000JPY
Student fee 25,000JPY 20,000JPY 30,000JPY

*1 Full delegate and student fee will include the following.
・Attendance of the conference (Keynote speech, section meeting, plenary sessions , etc.)
・Abstract book and conference material
・Qualification for abstract submission
・Participation in the welcome reception
・Certificate of attendance

*2 You can only add one associate per 1 full delegate registration, and it will include the following.
・Attendance of the conference (Keynote speech, section meeting, plenary sessions , etc.)
・Participation in the welcome reception

*3 Registrations for travelling seminar, official dinner and lunch are optional, and additional fees will be charged.


Official dinner:5,000JPY
Lunch(November 12th - 14th):1,700JPY per a day
Travelling seminar(including lunch):5,000JPY

Payment methods

Please make credit card payment in Japanese yen
Please pay your registration fee by online registration system as well as your registration procedure.
Payment of registration fee is capable after April 1st 2018.

Procedures for registration

◇Procedures of registration and payment are on the following website.

> Click here for registration <

◇Procedures for registration

A new user registration

Basic registration

Optional registration
(Traveling seminar, Official dinner、Lunch)

Accommodation registration
(only when you desire on this website)

Abstract submission
(In the case you apply for oral or poster presentation)

(credit card payment only, JPY)

Completion of registration

Please read carefully before registering

◇Early bird registration is available until July 31th 12:00PM (Japan time)

◇Registration after October 21th 0:00AM(Japan time) will be on-site registration fee, which differs from regular registration fee.

◇Details regarding cancellation and refund are as follows.

・Requests for cancellation are accepted by registration system only.
E-mails and phone calls are not acceptable.

・Amount of refund
Amount of refund differs according to the date the cancellation request is accepted.
Please note that any handling charges incurred must be paid by the applicant upon requesting for a refund, and the amount after deducting such charges are to be refunded as follows.
Full amount will be refunded for cancellation before October 11th 12:00PM
50% of the paid amount will be refunded for cancellation during October 12th 00:00AM ~ November 4nd 00:00PM
Refund will not be made for cancellation after November 5th 00:00AM.
*All of the time stated above are based on Japan time

・Refund period
Refund will be made in 2 to 3 months after receiving the request for cancellation.
*Refund period differs according to the company of the credit card which was used for settling the registration fee.

・Contact details for inquiries regarding cancellation and refund