Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities ㏌ Atsugi


Notice to the citizens of Atsugi city


We are looking for participants and/or volunteer stuff.

We are looking for the citizens of Atsugi city who would participate and/or support as volunteer stuff.
Please participate in international conference of Safe Community held in Atsugi city. Please refer to the website of Atsugi city for more information.

Notice to Japanese domestic companies and so forth


We are requesting for sponsorship

We are looking for Japanese domestic companies and so forth who would support as sponsors to “the 9th Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities in Atsugi”
Please refer to the website of Atsugi city for more information


We have received a comment for The 9th Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities in Atsugi from Dr. Amir Azizi, Chair Asian Safe Community Network.

Message from Dr. Amir Azizi

I am much delighted to congratulate the city of Atsugi, Japan for hosting this 9th Asia Safe Community Conference. This is a great opportunity for the city, its citizens and participants from all over the world.

Asia Safe Community Network serves to meet a fast-increasing demand for information about the safe community concept in Asia. In doing so we work to open doors for individuals and community concept in Asia for all and particularly welcome individuals and communities in the region to enhance their cooperation, exchange ideas, and learn valuable lessons from one another. In this effort the member communities grow closer together, united by a common desire to become safer, healthier, more harmonious and more caring places in which to live, work, study and play.

Hence the theme of this festival is to make our communities safer with three helps: self, mutual and public. I am sure the information under this theme will help us all to better understand and apply new findings in making our daily life safer.

In addition to the conference and as a cultural appendix to it I am also happy to announce the holding of The Second International Safe Community Short Film Festival and the Second International Safe Community Cartoon Festival.

I would like to invite all to actively participate in this event and make much of it, to share your experience and knowledge with others and to enjoy wonderful events.

Dr. Amir Azizi
Chair Asian Safe Community Network


We have received a comment for The 9th Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities in Atsugi from Professor Dale Hanson, Chairman of International Safe Community Certifying Centre.

Every 6 seconds someone, somewhere in the world is suddenly and tragically killed due to injury. 5.8 million lives every year! We cannot, and we should not, accept this needless suffering and loss in our communities.

The good news is, there is much that can be done. Local communities can take control of their own destinies and reduce the burden caused by injury and crime, and increase their safety, wellbeing and productivity.

However, the task is not easy. Effective action requires committed community, national and international networks. Networks that identify, mobilise and coordinate resources. Networks that can blend the knowledge and expertise of researchers (experts in what to do), practitioners and administrators (experts in how to do it) and the community itself (experts in what will work for them) to run effective programs.

We have made a great start. Since our movement began in 1989 nearly 400 communities across the world, covering over 10 million people, have joined in our vision to make the world a safer place to live, work and play … one community at a time.

This conference is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues and friends with a shared vision to create a safer world, to encourage one another and share knowledge and expertise. I know you will leave the conference re-energised to persist in your life changing work and empowered to work more effectively.

Every life saved, every person rescued from injury or abuse, is precious… one less hole created in the lives of communities, friends and family.

Associate Professor Dr Dale Hanson
Chair, International safe Communities Certifying Centre


PR of The 9th Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities in Atsugi in the 23rd international safe communities conference, October,10-14,2017 Novi Sad, Serbia.