Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities ㏌ Atsugi

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1 The Overview of Atsugi City


Atsugi city is situated in the center of Kanagawa Prefecture which is right next to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. The city, blessed with rich nature, spreads out in a fan shape to the right bank of the Sagami River, and with the Tanzawa Mountains in the northwest.

Also, for more than four hundred years, the city has been growing as a bedroom town and as a hub of industry, manufacture and transportation. Due to the geographical advantage of being an important transportation intersection, Atsugi has been growing as a base city which is responsible for many distribution and business functions in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

Atsugi city came into existence on February 1st, 1955 through unification of 1 town and 4 neighboring villages, and the city expanded as 3 more villages joined, making it the city it is today. The total area of the city is 93.84km², and the estimated population is 225,000. Now, Atsugi is known as a vibrant city with a commercial zone, residential area, and institutes of large enterprises, and at the same time a region where the good old resident’s association is still being held, establishing a thriving community.

Atsugi city – The hub of industry, manufacture and transportation

△Highway extending across Atsugi city
△Ayu festival fireworks

Atsugi city – The hub of industry, manufacture and transportation

For a long time, Atsugi city had been the bedroom capital of the Mount Oyama road and a stopping point for Sagami River’s water transport, making it flourish as a base city; responsible for distribution and business functions in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. Currently, the city is easy to access from both Tokyo and Nagoya via railways or expressways due to the train stations and interchange of a national expressway. There are direct buses connecting the Atsugi city to Narita and Haneda airports as well.

The railway station located at the urban area (Hon-Atsugi station) is one of the busiest stations, hosting 150,000 passengers per day; significantly high for a private railway station which has no connection to any other railway line. It is a vibrant city with people of all ages. Every year in August, “Atsugi Ayu Festival” is celebrated with parades and firing up to ten thousand fireworks in the sky; enjoyed by more than five hundred thousand visitors.

Plus, since the city can easily be accessed from the Tokyo Metropolitan area, with commercial facilities located in the city and in the suburban areas. You will find a number of merchandising and research & development companies, and academic institutions which make a contribution to the financial stability and the development of the city.

A city blessed with rich nature

△Hot Spring

A city blessed with rich nature

Atsugi city is located in between the Tanzawa Mountains which is expanding to the west and the Sagami River, a class-A river that flows to the east. Since the city is located in between the mountain range and the river, you can easily travel to the suburban areas to indulge in the beauty of nature. A well-established mountain trail for hikers of all levels are available, allowing you to go on a light hike to explore the forest park or to challenge yourself by experiencing full-fledged trek. Also, you may go on a mountain stream fishing trip and catch sweet fish by the shore of the Sagami River.

In addition, there are two hot spring resorts in the city (Iiyama Hot-Spring Village and Higashi Tanzawa Hot Spring Village) with strong alkaline water, said to be beneficial for your skin. These authentic hot springs have been a relaxing space, which is easily accessible.

A City of Diverse Culture

△Iiyama Hakuryu
△Sagami Ningyo Shibai

A City of Diverse Culture

As a city which is the base of where people come and go while blessed with rich nature, varieties of cultures that have been passed down for generations and until now gets appreciated. Cultures of traditional performance art are still alive. Get amused by Iiyama Hakuryu Daiko & Dance, based on the historical incident when people were beating the drum to pray for rain during a severe drought. Be entertained by the unique Sagami Ningyo Shibai, a play where one puppet is controlled by three people and was appointed as the country’s most important intangible cultural asset.

Furthermore, there is a rich & wide variety of authentic cuisine and food culture in Atsugi city. Boar meat hotpot eaten at the mountainous region, dishes of Ayu that can be caught in the see through clear stream, pork offal (white intestine) that won the nationwide local food contest, and local sake and craft beer brewed at traditional sake cellars are some of the unique Atsugi gourmet delicacies.